Usage: font_family [n_file [b_file] [i_file] [bi_file]] font_family: the name of the font, e.g. Verdana, 'Times New Roman', monospace, sans-serif. If it equals to "system_fonts", all the system fonts will be installed. n_file: the .ttf or .otf file for the normal, non-bold, non-italic face of the font. {b|i|bi}_file: the files for each of the respective (bold, italic, bold-italic) faces. If the optional b|i|bi files are not specified, load_font.php will search the directory containing normal font file (n_file) for additional files that it thinks might be the correct ones (e.g. that end in _Bold or b or B). If it finds the files they will also be processed. All files will be automatically copied to the DOMPDF font directory, and afm files will be generated using php-font-lib ( Examples: ./load_font.php silkscreen /usr/share/fonts/truetype/slkscr.ttf ./load_font.php 'Times New Roman' /mnt/c_drive/WINDOWS/Fonts/times.ttf